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Full Service Inline Systems / Solutions

The engineering supports services primarily consists of machine setup/installation, programming, operations, maintenance, training and upgrades. Contact us today to get a free consultation to discuss your unique and manufacturing operation needs that can differs based on different products and specific designs needs.


Machines Setup / Installation

Experienced in SMT Machines and Equipment

As a part of the basic packages for any new purchases on standalone machines or complete inline systems, our experienced technicians will prepare and deal with the logistics/transports details and ensures that the product arrives in good condition and without damage.


Machine Programming

Full Inline Services

As an optional part of the package, we can include programming service for NPIs and designs and maintain components libraries. Our programming expertise lies in a range of machines and equipment encompassing Printer, Board Loader, Pick-n-Place, Reflow, SPI, AOI, Depanelize, Wave Solder, X-ray and Packed-AOI. Contact us today and learn how we can help address and resolve your programming challenges with SMT machines and equipment.

Inline Systems / Machines Operations

High-Volume Low Mix / Low Volume High Mix

An inline system will not be efficient, nor can it deliver effectively without trained operators. Qualified and trained SMT and PTH operators are imperative to the manufacturing workflows. Our experiences allow us to expand on our knowledge and provide years of expertise in machineries and equipment that are part of the inline systems. As a premier broker and reseller, we maintained partnership with our suppliers to bring the customer state-of-the-art technologies at affordable cost.


Machines Maintenance

SPI / AOI / Pick-n-Place / Reflow Oven / Conveyor / Printer / Board Loader

Manufacturing operation can have machines, equipment and people working 24 hours per day, all day, every day. This puts a lot of stress and wears/tears on expensive machines and equipment, so PM should be schedule accordingly to keep the machines in operating conditions for years to come. Our maintenance services include servicing many common machines and equipment that can be found in an SMT manufacturing facilities.


Machines / Equipment Training

SPI / AOI / Pick-n-Place / Reflow Oven / Conveyor / Printer / Board Loader / Wave Solder / X-Ray

Training are conducted in small groups, with an SMT/PTH expert that will train operator how to perform the following tasks such as printing, inspecting, machine operation, programming and maintenance. Online and onsite training are available. Contact our representative to find out how to register for the next training session.


Machines / Equipment Upgrades

SPI / AOI / Pick-n-Place / Reflow Oven / Conveyor / Printer / Board Loader

As a premier reseller of SMT and PTH machines and equipment, we offer our client upgrades on their product periodically as newer models becomes available. Whether it's a software upgrade or newer features in newer models, we can perform the necessary machines and equipment reconfiguration to make the machines upgrade much easier. Contact us today to talk about upgrades to your machines and equipment. 

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When you work with Rheacon, you're working with the industry expert in setup, installation, programming, operation, maintenance, training and upgrades of SMT machines and equipment.



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