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Tooling and Fixture

Rheacon Systems experience with tooling and fixtures design has help and improve production and testing capabilities. We design SMT stencil, pallet & fixture and test equipment. We have worked on projects that requires stencil designing for SMT printing, tooling and fixture for PCBs board handling, and testing equipment for functional board testing procedures. 


Stencil designing is an integral part of many SMT process and is usually the first crucial aspect of producing quality PCBs. It is even more crucial if components such as BGAs and ICs are to be populated on the board. Whether this requires a few components or huge number of components that needs to be populated, a good and fine soldering printing techniques and guideline is needed for the Pick-n-Place machine to populate the board as accurately as possible. Without a good print, there is high quality risks such as excessive solder, insufficient solder, solder bridging, coplanarity and among other defects so it is important to understand how the solder printing process can make the difference between producing good quality boards.

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PCBs Pallet: Clamp and Non-Clamp Type

Tooling, pallet and fixture design is another integral part of an inline system operation. Our expertise in DFM often involves in drafting, and fabricating tooling and fixture for board handling operations. Work with our engineering team where customization on your unique manufacturing process is very much needed, as essential part of the upstream/downstream workflow.  (Share data).

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