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RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES - Inevitable for the future?

The projected forecast regarding the trends of solar energy is currently at 11% utilization rate but this will grow to about 48% within the next 30 years or so. When this happens, at 48% utilization rate, solar energy would account for almost half of all the energy source usage in the United States. Better technologies, cheaper costs and governmental incentive programs help make solar energy more feasible for businesses and homeowners.

In this markets and segment, solar energy panels are being widely installed as an alternative energy source throughout certain regions in the United States and in other countries across the globe. The advantage of solar energy is that it is abundant, pollution-free without greenhouse effects and reduces our dependencies on foreign oil and fossil fuels. In addition, it provides renewable clean power all year-round and a good return on investment when compared to paying utility bills. It also requires very low preventative maintenance, and excess power can be sold back to the power company if grid is intertied. Rheacon Systems served those that dream to live grid-free, and since our inception we have been dedicated to bringing cleaner power energy technology to the forefront of this revolutionized industry. A modular engineering approach is taken in the developmental phase of these units, sub-units, systems, and sub-systems.


Rheacon Systems is a project management firm that specializes and focused on smart manufacturing technologies, software development, equipment / systems installation, research, and product development. Within the next few decades or so, it has been predicted

that energy sustainability will become more challenging as the increase demands to power, so the company has strategically position itself to become a major player in this emerging new market. The company is a leader in product development of solar energy systems. The company envisioned and pursued this leadership role by initiating in-house projects for the renewable energy markets, to identify opportunities in certain demographics and markets.

The Cidonex CES 2100 is a solar energy battery charger unit, solar energy storage unit, and solar energy conversion unit, combined all-in-one.


Rheacon Systems research, engineers, develops, designs, manufactures, and licenses technologies for solar battery charging unit, solar energy conversion unit, and solar energy storage unit. 


Embedded processor operates the units and sub-units and monitor the operations of these systems and sub-systems. A user interface allows the user to change and control  the setting, parameters, and other features. It is a very efficient energy system churning out conversion ratio better than our competitor. 

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