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Computer Circuit Board

Full-Service Engineering Consultant Firm Offering Systems and Installation, Systems Integration, Product Development, Firmware Development and Manufacturing - Speak to an Expert Today Regarding Your Project's Needs


Who are we and what we do?

Rheacon Systems is an engineering consultant firm that specialize in technologies compatible for smart manufacturing and inline systems operations. We sell, setup/install, program, integrate, train, maintain and perform upgrades on SMT, PTH and robotics automation machines and equipment. Since 2018, Rheacon Systems has been providing customers with inline systems and solutions, software, machines, equipment and technologies to meet their manufacturing needs. Our services include onsite engineering supports, and 24 hours supports accessibility.

Our History - Embedded as a grass-rooted project management firm since our inception, we implement project management and organizational disciplines to help drives and enhance our customers manufacturing processes, project's control costs and scheduling. Throughout the years we have served the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing/automation, energy, healthcare/medical device and network/communication industries. 


Mission Statement - Our commitment is to provide an exceptional engineering experience toward your project and delivers on quality, innovation and expertise. By partnering with Rheacon Systems, you're putting your trust in a reputable organization that is committed to ensuring your project success. 






Artificial Intelligence


Manufacturing BlockChain

What is the Smart Manufacturing Concept?

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Database Management

IT / Network Security

Looking for SMT, PTH, Solder Robots, Testing Equipment?

Get a Quote for Your Inline Needs - Large Selection of Name Brand PnP, Reflow Oven, SPI, AOI, Depaneler, Select Solder and Test Equipment


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- Universal Instruments

- Panasonic

- Nordson

- Ersa


- Speedline


- Apollo Seiko

- Koh Young

- Samsung

- Vitrox

- Mirtec

- Yestech

- Promation

- Fuji

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The Universal Fusion is a popular and efficient PnP. Contact us for more details regarding your SMT, PTH and automation needs

Full Service Engineering Consultant Firm

Product Development

PCB Designing - Our programmers are certified in a variety of eCAD programs and have experience with different CAD and files format conversion. Talk to our program engineer today to discuss your project.

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Integrated Computers

Whether your inline or standalone uses PLC or some other drivers, we got the experts that can program, install and troubleshoot your device. Talk to our manufacturing engineer to discuss your project.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Limit Global Warming and Climate Change. Commitment to

IT / Network Security

Ransomwares, malwares and other malicious and harmful viruses requires an aggressive plan to combat cyber threats. Talk to our IT experts on your project.

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